The Civil Service Commission (CSC) received its third Governance Trailblazer Award for its exceptional performance towards good governance through the Performance Governance System (PGS). 

CSC Chairman Francisco T. Duque III presented the Commission’s accomplishments, milestones, and breakthroughs in a public revalida for its Proficiency in the PGS and garnered a score of 8.81 over 10. 

The Governance Trailblazer Award is conferred to government agencies or units that garner a score of 8.5 to 9.2 in the public revalida or performance report. 

CSC received its first Silver Trailblazer Award in October 2011 when it aced the public revalida for the Compliance stage, garnering a high score of 9.03 over 10. The second Silver Trailblazer Award was conferred in March 2013 for CSC’s high performance report rating in the Public Governance Forum. 

The Commission began its governance journey in 2010 when it adopted the PGS, a local adaptation of Norton and Kaplan’s revolutionary Balanced Scorecard system as advocated by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA). 

There are four stages in the PGS governance pathway, namely, Initiation, Compliance, Proficiency, and Institutionalization. The PGS translates the organization’s vision into strategies through scorecards cascaded to the different levels of the organization. 

“CSC is firm in executing the strategies which direct all systems, processes, and programs to attain the targets and performance commitments indicated in its enterprise scorecard,” said CSC Chairman Francisco T. Duque III. 

“The results of the public presentation of the CSC’s performance gains were impressive that the examining panel decided to confer the Silver Trailblazer Award. This is a significant accomplishment and I wish to congratulate you for it,” noted ISA Chairman Jesus P. Estanislao. 

The CSC is geared towards completing the fourth and final stage of the PGS, Institutionalization, in 2014.