Examination Advisory No. 03, s. 2023


TO                  :     ALL EXAMINEES OF THE 05 FEBRUARY 2023 CSE-FSO

SUBJECT      :     Examination Results


The List of Passers of the 05 February 2023 CSC-FSO is now posted on the CSC Website | Examination Results.

The List of Passers posted on the CSC Website is the official list. The CSC does not recognize and is not liable for any other postings on any other websites and social media links that are not affiliated with, or are engaged in the unauthorized use of the name of, the Civil Service Commission.

  1. Individual Examination Result/Rating Through OCSERGS

Examinees, both passed and failed, can generate their individual test result using the Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS) by 03 April 2023. Please note that no report of rating shall be mailed to individual examinees.

The examinee should encode/fill in the required data in the corresponding data fields under the personal information, and the details of examination (i.e., date, type and place of examination), accurately, following the illustrated/indicated format.

To ensure that the enhanced OCSERGS is accessed, use the main, official CSC Website | Quick Links | OCSERGS.

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